New Route E from 18th September

From 18 September FYTbus will be launching a new bookable service to more destinations. So, going to the shops, or the doctors, or leisure centre? Or restaurants and bars or visitor attractions? This service will be bookable from your smartphone, computer or by calling the FYTbus office.

This local minibus service already runs 2 regular morning routes around the West Wight. From 18 September they will add a third route on weekday afternoons using this new way of booking bus travel.

FYTbus have been selected to pilot this scheme to run a scheduled weekday afternoon service using the electric bus running between Bouldner through Yarmouth, Freshwater and Totland and onto Alum Bay and the Needles

But this is no ordinary route, because a seat can be booked on their new, very popular, electric bus anywhere in the Freshwater Yarmouth and Totland areas.

The system is called Dynamic Demand Responsive Transport or DDRT, a growing trend in community transport.

Bookings can be made by using our App, via our website or by calling FYTbus office. The system is designed to make it really easy to use.

Details can be found on The FYTbus website or on their printed timetables, which also include details of our other regular routes, hospital and shopping trips and special offers.

Generating and Storing their own electricity

FYTbus’s innovative approach doesn’t stop with the new booking system. To compliment the new electric bus, they plan to install photovoltaic panels to the roof of their depot, and store the electricity this provides for use in the bus.